Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Have you ever been called back to repair a floor because it was damaged by other trades after you were finished? If you haven't, the odds are you will. Now there's a tough, reliable solution: Scofield proguard Duracover.

Proguard Duracover is a flexible, durable material that will protect interior flooring from harsh construction environments both before and after installation. Proguard Duracover can be easily removed at the completion of the project, requiring minimal clean up.

Proguard Duracover provides protection from construction traffic, equipment, gypsum wall board, dust and other construction related materials. It resists oil and petroleum-based compounds and high p/H compounds. Proguard Duracover will not scratch wood, ceramic tile or other finished floor systems. Water will not deteriorate Proguard Duracover like ordinary kraft paper.


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